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People Are Outraged Over How Racist This Political Ad Is

This isn't the first time Switzerland's biggest far-right party has been criticised for its campaigns.

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A flyer released by the Swiss People’s party (aka Schweizerische Volkspartei, or SVP) ahead of a local referendum in Switzerland later this month has caused controversy for saying that foreign citizens should have “no special rights".

The leaflet, currently trending on Reddit, shows a queue of diverse people lining up to vote, alongside the words: "No special rights for outsiders [foreigners]! Special participation for outsiders [foreigners] – NO."

This is not the first time the party has received criticism for their campaigns. In 2009, the party caused controversy with a poster that featured a Muslim woman and minarets on top of the Swiss flag.

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Translation: "Stop. Yes, ban minarets."

The poster was part of a campaign against allowing the inclusion of minarets when constructing new mosques. Several cities banned the posters, but Zurich allowed them as part of political free speech.

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