People Are Doing #TrapCovers Of Pop Songs And It’s Incredible

I’ll make a trap song out of you.

1. Twitter users are filming themselves giving pop songs a much needed trap twist.

2. The hashtag #TrapCovers was started as a reaction to acoustic covers of Beyonce’s “Formation” and Rihanna’s “Work”.

5. Twitter users produced covers of Coldplay.

6. Adele.

Hello - Adele (#TrapCover) ft. @TheePharoah

— Bruh. (@monstta)

7. Vanessa Carlton.

okay guys. my first cover ever :) "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton #TrapCover

— Captain Kirk (@ILLCapitano94)

8. There’s even Disney.

#TrapCover Mulan "Make A Man Out Of You" Ft. @Hurrikane_IKE

— Nola Vine (@HisFavPixie)

9. A lot of people are really psyched about the covers.

This hashtag is the greatest clap back so far this year #TrapCover

— MADAME FLACKO JODYE (@intoastro)

I might need a #trapcover album. Someone make that happen.

— Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia)

The best thing about #TrapCover is these are all jokes but still bang harder than any formation cover lmao

— Dena (@Swirloverturn)

12. Not EVERYONE is a fan.

We're winning this fight, guys. They've taken too much damage #TrapCover

— Victor Pope Jr (@VictorPopeJr)

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