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People Are Losing It Because Drake Shaved His Beard

We were fooled.

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On Friday, Drake posted a now-deleted photo to his Instagram revealing that he had shaved his beard ahead of his hosting slot on Saturday Night Live.

People weren't pleased.

Drake needs his beard. Period. Point blank.

Drake cut his beard. He is no longer "Champagne Papi". He is now "Four Loko Man"... Bye

Why did Drake think it was a good idea to cut his beard? He's so selfish 🙄

When you shaved your beard and now she ain't texting back

They felt cheated. Lives were ruined.

drake... shaved.... his... BEARD.... I feel so betrayed

Drake has shaved his beard my life is falling apart my skin is no longer clear the demons inside me have WON goodbye

The hurt turned to anger.

Drake look like he wears bootcut jeans and calls you 'Miss Lady' without a beard

Drake looks like an infected toe without his beard though.

Some people even refused to acknowledge him anymore.


Visual representation of fancying Drake and then seeing he's shaved off his beard

shaved drake: don't you see Rih Rih right next to me? Rihanna:

In fact, the reaction has been so intense, it has inspired people on Twitter to start a campaign to recognise that bearded men are more than just their facial hair.

We do not approve of this message, travesty, and abomination. @Drake PLEASE GROW YOUR BEARD BACK WYD

Drake shaved his beard and women are no longer into him. It's what's on the inside that matters. #IamNotMyBeard

Fellas, we don't have to tolerate this disrespect. We should all shave our beards off on Sunday. #iamnotmybeard

At time of publication, we await a statement from the Twitter account Drake's Beard.

R.I.P. (for the next two weeks), Drake's beard.

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