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    Momo Twins Are Your New Instagram Obsession

    Just look at those cheeks.

    Meet Leia and Lauren, 8-month-old daughters to Amber Yong and Peter Lok and Instagram stars.

    The sisters were born premature and monoamniotic — i.e., sharing the amniotic sack — hence the name "momo twins."

    Their parents started the account as a way to document their daughters' development and interact with other parents.

    However, Lok's eye for photography and Yong's styling skills helped turn the twins into stars.

    The account maps milestones in the twins' lives, as well as national holidays and the adventures they go on with their parents.

    The twins also regularly make appearances on their parents' travel blog, such as in a recent trip to Iceland.

    Lok told BuzzFeed News the couple are "humbled" by the reaction social media users have had to the photos.

    "We started this page to document their growth journey and plan to continue doing so," he said. "They grow up so fast and we would like, as much as possible, to capture precious moments at every stage of their lives."

    You can watch the twins grow on Instagram and Facebook.

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