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    Here's Why Everyone Is Talking About This Viral Norwegian TV Show

    With the series set for an English adaptation in 2017, here's why you should be watching the original now.

    Earlier this month it was announced that hit Norwegian TV show Skam will be adapted for English-speaking audiences in 2017.

    If you haven't heard about it, Skam (which translates as shame) is a Norwegian series about teens at the prestigious Hartvig Nissen School in Oslo.

    Each episode is around 15 minutes, and each season focuses on a different main character, with the supporting cast generally remaining the same. Season 1 focused on Eva and her boyfriend Jonas.

    Season 2 was about Eva's friend Noora and her relationship with William.

    Season 3 is centered around Isak and the blossoming of his romance with Even.

    The show's format means that the characters have their own Instagram and Facebook accounts, which give glimpses into plot lines.

    Along with the profiles, there are also messages between characters posted to the show's website that hint at elements of the week's episode.

    Since its release last year, the show has gained a huge international fanbase. Many native fans offer to translate parts of the show for non-Norwegian speakers.

    The show has its own memes and its own fandoms, all fueled by a loyal internet following.

    people who start skam and only watch season 3 just for evak are missing out on these cuties

    when everybody pronounces tarjei differently

    The show's been compared to series like Skins for its depiction of teenage life, and has been praised for its depiction of characters such as witty and fiery Muslim Sana, and Season 3's open discussion of an LGBT relationship.

    There are rumors that thenext season might highlight recurring character Vilde and focus on her eating disorder.

    Also the writers give the actors (all of whom are teenagers themselves) some pretty badass dialogue.

    "Why do you love this norvegian series ?" Well....

    And can we talk about the fashion choices in the show? They're sensational.

    If you want to watch the show, all previous episodes are on the website, and English transcripts are available thanks to its devoted fans.