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Here's Why Benjamina Is The Most Underrated Contestant On "Bake Off"

The queen of Bake Off 2016.

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Speaking of Paul, she's proved she's not afraid of telling him when he's wrong.

Seriously, she is not dealing with him.

@selasigb @RavSBansal 😂 😩omg Selasi the cupcakes are coming! Too much pressure

Her friendship with Andrew is the purest relationship.

Andrew and Benjamina = Bake Off Hogwarts Edition. So damn cute. #GBBO


But no matter what happens, she always has a smile on.

She even has approval from previous bakers.

@marthacollison thanks Martha! 💕 Not as tidy as I would have liked though! 😂

Her talented isn't limited to Bake Off alone. Her Instagram game is 🔥

And she's super kind to all her new Twitter fans.

@Tuck_Shop Love it!! You are so so talented 😍😍 Thank you! 😊💕