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    Here's How A Dog And An Injured Baby Deer Became Best Friends

    Tears, so many tears.

    Darius Sa is a Lithuanian man who lives near Yellowstone National Park. In fact, he lives so close to the park that he regularly encounters its wildlife by his home.

    In spring, Sa discovered a family of deer living behind his house. He noticed that one of the babies seemed to be limping.

    Sa told BuzzFeed News that when a doe has twins, usually only one survives, so he felt compelled to protect the limping fawn from local predators.

    So, Sa took the fawn in.

    Much to the initial confusion of his pets.

    Sa made a makeshift brace and began bottle-feeding the fawn four times a day.

    Eventually, the rest of the family were won over, and the fawn even found a foster dad in Sa's Burnese mountain dog, Mack.

    Mack helped Sa feed the fawn.

    And even stopped her from getting too far away from the family.


    The time eventually came for the fawn to go back to her real family.

    She was reluctant to leave.

    Eventually Sa managed to reunite the baby fawn with her mum. Although he did not manage to capture this moment, he did go back a few months later to check the fawn had settled in.

    You can watch the full story of the baby deer below, or you can watch a special video dedicated to the fawn and Mack here.

    View this video on YouTube

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