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French People Have Started A Hashtag About A Football Player's Butt

Really paying attention to the game, guys...

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Griezmann has been a key figure in his country's performance in the tournament. However, the team's fans have been paying attention to something other than his sporting skills.

His butt.

#lesfessesdegriezmann excusez moi mais son boule me chamboule 🍑

"I'm sorry but his ass is making me lose my mind."


Fans and non-sport enthusiasts have started the hashtag #LesFessesdeGriezmann to show appreciation for the player's impressive physique.

Bilan du match : Griezmann il a vraiment un sacré pétard. C'est tout pour moi bonne nuit #LesFessesdeGriezmann

“Summary of the game: Griezmann really has one hot ass. That’s all, good night."

#lesfessesdegriezmann doux comme le miel

"Sweet as honey."

"Just look and enjoy."


Such serious appreciation.

Les fesses de Griezmann, 8ème merveille du Monde? #lesfessesdegriezmann ⚽

"Griezmann's buttocks, 8th wonder of the world?"

"It is soft."

ce que les mecs voient vs ce que je vois

"What the guys see vs what I see."

For new fans of #LesFessesdeGriezmann, you'll be happy to know that France is through to the last 16 of the competition, therefore Griezmann and his butt will appear again.

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