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Everyone Is Going Crazy For These Two Mailboxes That Survived A Storm

It's become a massive meme.

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Over the weekend a supertyphoon called Souledor hit Taiwan. Amid the destruction there were two unlikely survivors: these mailboxes.

#台北 最萌 #郵筒 !想合照的請排隊~~ (隨便拍幾張就落跑去吃米苔目冰了 ^_^ )

The two mailboxes – which were bent into a lean by high speed winds – have since become local celebrities.

Crowds are gathering around the mailboxes in Taipei’s Zhongshan district to pose with them and copy their lean.

The boxes are providing light relief for those affected by the storm.

The pictures are being shared on social with the hashtag #郵筒 (#Mailbox).

The meme has proved so popular that people outside the district are sharing photos of themselves with their mailboxes.

According to Time, there are plans to transform the mailboxes into an official tourist attraction with tie-in merchandise.

Rachael Krishna is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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