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Teens Have Created A Facebook Chat Group That's Just Rating Cranes

Just appreciating cranes. No, not the bird type.

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On Saturday, 19-year-old Hugh Carr tweeted about a Facebook chat group he's in called "Rate My CRANE".

There's a group chat on Facebook where you are only allowed to send photos of cranes and if you type anything you'r…

According to Carr's tweets, the chat consisted of a group of people sharing pictures of cranes. Any other content put in the group would lead to immediate removal. This, as Carr found out, includes submitting the wrong type of crane.

I was removed for trying to spread the love, this is a travesty

The group proved popular – Carr's tweet was retweeted over 6,000 times. Many people wanted to join the mysterious group.

@hughcarrhere @Lemon_McGee I want in



Some members of the group were less than happy that their secret had been exposed.

Crane chat has been outted 😡

Proud to be in this group.

"It started out as four of us, and we gradually added a few friends," she said. "Then in the past month or so it's been growing a lot."

Following Carr's tweet, a number of new people have joined the chat, all of whom have obeyed the strict guidelines of the group.


"You keep your ratings to yourself," she says. "No one needs to know what everyone else thinks of your crane. Anyone is allowed in, as long as they share the appreciation for these unsung architectural heroes."

But the question remains: Has Carr been allowed back into the group? Well, kind of.

I was about to let everyone know about how I was added back to the group and now I see I've been removed again, hea…

Poor Hugh.

Rachael Krishna is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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