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A Same-Sex Couple Had An Amazing Response To Parenting Advice From A Bunch Of Anti-Gay Strangers

The Chiongs are ready to answer your hateful comments.

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This week, Olivia noticed a spike in her blog's traffic. When she investigated the source, she noticed her blog had been shared on the Facebook page “We are against Pinkdot Singapore” (WAAPD).

Facebook: 542917079078427

The group describes itself as "a public policy group" that "stands against the normalization of homosexuality within Singaporean society."

Following the influx of comments as a result of being featured by WAAPD, the Chiongs rolled up their sleeves and wrote a post diligently providing answers to the sometimes impolite people who queried her and her wife's ability to parent.


Like what books they've bought their daughter.

"As for the books that we buy for Zoey, she happens to have a library of over 500 books. We believe in diversity and so expose her to many different kinds of books and toys."

If their relationship is corrupting Zoe.

"I am happy to let you know that Zoey is a well-adjusted and well-liked child in her school. In fact, her teachers often comment that she is a delightful child whom everyone likes. She has no psychological/emotional problems to speak of and the only problem she has is she is quite messy when she eats and gets food everywhere."


And even name suggestions.

"Perhaps you can try changing your last name to Vernon Straight and let us know if that works? If it does, we can consider to change our last names to Lesbian."

Perhaps most surprising, Olivia's response post has even provoked some positive reaction from the WAAPD community.

"The reaction from the internet has been amazing," Olivia said. "The outpouring of support and love has been humbling and I'm glad that people got a good laugh out of it."