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This Hot Cop Adopted A Baby Kangaroo And It Lives In His Shirt

Crime fighting 'roo.

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An officer from the Cue police force in Western Australia has adopted an orphaned joey after its mother was killed.

Orphaned joey handed to police today. Adopted by Pc Mason. We need a name #fb

Constable Scott Mason adopted the 4-month-old kangaroo after it was rescued from its mother's pouch and brought into the station on Wednesday. After a short social media poll, the animal was named Cujoe.

Thankyou everyone for you ongoing support. Not just in the coat of arms, BE the arms #fb Recruit Cujoe

Mason, who has experience in animal husbandry, told AAP that because his wife had just given birth, Cujoe would be his baby while his wife cares for theirs.

“It’s very dehydrated and skinny, but we’re doing what we can,” he said. “Because it needs to be fed every three hours, it’s going to be my little child as my wife’s in Perth with our newborn – so she’s got her newborn and I’ve got a little one as well."

You can watch a video the pair bonding below.

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