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A Man Live-Tweeted Making A Ridiculously Huge Flan And The Result Is Hilarious

Dreams don't come true, kids.

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Over the weekend, Japanese Twitter user @Ruuuuuk decided to make his own 5-liter version of the desert with 12 boxes of pudding mix. Thankfully for the rest of us, he live-tweeted it.

さぁ、じゃ今日もお料理の時間がやってきたね。 バケツプリン5L(52人分)を作るよ!! 材料は至ってシンプル。 プリンの素12箱とセリアで買ったバケツだけだよ!

First, the caramel was heated up.

こんな感じでプリンを作るよ。 カラメルソースは固まる前に入れるんだって!!


Then the bucket of flan mix was refrigerated.


Six hours in, things seemed to be going pretty well.

6時間経ったよ!!!さっそくひっくり返そう! う〜ん52人前も食べれるかなー(*゚▽゚*)ワクワク

Until the big reveal.

At least there was enough salvageable for a small treat at the end.

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