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    17 Things Only Kids Who Grew Up In A Mixed Race Household Would Understand

    Deep appreciation for not burning in 12 degree heat.

    1. Fusion food was a staple in your house long before it became a food trend.

    One of your parents claims a meal isn't a meal if it isn't served with rice. Another puts lime pickle on spaghetti.

    2. One of your parents will complain about how over- / under-spiced the other's cooking is.



    3. When you holiday in a hot country someone has to spend the whole time in the shade, fearing the sun.


    Five minutes in the sun and your dad is more burnt than Meek Mill was by Drake.

    4. But venturing somewhere cold isn't universally popular either.


    Dad books a family skiing holiday, Mum refuses to leave the fireside, muttering "I wasn't made for this weather."

    5. They have no idea how your hair/skin works.

    My heart goes out to the mixed race children who have parents that don't know what to do with their hair

    when i see mixed race girls with their hair up but their edges are a mess i assume their mum is white n that's y they don't know about gel

    every time i go out i get that one mum that's like "i have a mixed race daughter and i don't know what to do with her hair"

    Your white aunties not realising that Asian hair can't curl, or how to deal with baby hair.

    6. You know you're in trouble when someone switches to her mother tongue.


    7. Although, that does mean you can secretly curse out people so well.


    8. Two different cultures; two different styles of discipline.


    Praying your dad finds out what you did first so you don't have to eat a spoonful of chilli again.

    9. Going out with your parents just leads to awkward questions.

    Zendaya Coleman
    Zendaya Coleman
    Zendaya Coleman
    Zendaya Coleman

    " Is she your real mum tho?"

    10. Or your siblings.

    brother is so much more tanned yet I'm olive, we have full mixed race struggles.

    Why is your sister so dark yet you stay a steady shade of yellow?

    11. Not to mention all the questions you get about your family name.

    Big ups to the Queens lady who after seeing my Spanish surname said "You don't look like a [surname]. You're so tall!" Ay. Awkward. 😞

    "You don't look like a Henry."

    12. You have your own unique traditions.


    While everyone is getting crazy excited for turkey at Christmas you're dreaming of takeaway and the red envelopes of Chinese New Year.

    13. You'll probably have family members that are kind of against your existence.


    Scary Uncle Jeff who keeps talking loudly about immigration at family meals.

    14. And comparing parents' family trees can be awkward.


    "Hey look, Grandpa Jones helped colonise Grandpa Krishna's home."

    15. You're really bored of explaining how your parents met.

    TriStar Pictures

    "But they were born really far away from each other – how did that happen?"

    16. Yet you're constantly amazed by your parents' past.

    17. And one day our jumbled-up families will rule the world.

    "Mixed race" is the fastest-growing minority in the UK and expected to be the largest by 2020. 😘