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29 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You As A Parent

There are mountains, and then there are molehills disguised as them.

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1. Your kid drops your iPhone.

Columbia Pictures / Via

And of course you didn't have a case on it.

2. You didn't notice the spit-up on your shirt until you got to work.

NBC / Via

Now you're rocking Eau de Barf for the rest of the day.

3. Your toddler didn't even say goodbye at today's morning drop-off.


They're officially over you.

4. You bribed your kiddos by promising them cake pops from Starbucks — and then they were sold out.

And no, your kid definitely doesn't want a chocolate croissant instead.

5. Your baby had an epic diaper blowout and you left the diaper bag at home.

New Line Cinema / Via

Who does that? Oh that's right, you.

6. You're the last parent to sign up for the class potluck so you're stuck bringing a main dish.

CW / Via

So much for grabbing chips and dip.

7. Your kid lost a tooth and you — er, the tooth fairy — forgot to visit last night.

Disney / Via

The guilt is overwhelming.

8. The ice cream man just showed up at the park and all you've got is a debit card.

ABC / Via

Commence whining.

9. Your toddler just found one of mommy and daddy's "toys."

NBC / Via

10. You lost the Frozen CD.

NBC / Via

Which is a huge relief, until the new soundtrack is your child crying from their car seat.

11. You forgot today was school picture day.

MTV / Via

And let your kid dress herself for school.

12. Caillou.

Disney / Via

13. The school and team sport fundraisers are happening at the same time.

Paramount / Via

And you just hit up everyone you know to buy Girl Scout Cookies.

14. The one ride your kid wanted to go on at the amusement park is closed.

Universal / Via


15. You realized that you probably shouldn't jump rope with your kids anymore.

FOX / Via

Perhaps kegels aren't a waste of time after all?

16. Back-to-back birthday parties.

FOX / Via

Because you accidentally RSVP'd...twice.

17. Your kid lost one of their favorite shoes while you two were out running errands.

True story.

18. You potty train your kid, ditch the diapers, and promptly discover they've got a bladder the size of a pea.

Disney / Via

Have you ever used a public restroom or porta-potty with a toddler in tow? ("Honey, don't touch that. No, really, DON'T TOUCH THAT.")

19. You lost baby's binky.

FOX / Via

Panic. Panic hard.

20. Your toddler goes into tantrum mode while you're stuck in traffic.

Disney / Via

All because they dropped their toy on the floor and you couldn't get it for them (not that you didn't nearly break your arm trying).

21. You've been fantasizing about date night since giving birth to your baby and it's finally here.


All you want to do is sleep.

22. You leaned in to give your teen a kiss before school and instead got a "bye mom" as they jetted out the car.

Incentive Filmed Entertainment / Via


23. Glitter.

The gift that keeps on giving.
Peter Morrison via Creative Commons / Via Flickr: petriemax

The gift that keeps on giving.

24. Your toddler just swapped sippy cups with another kid who happens to have a very runny nose.

CBS / Via

And, your entire family is out for the count in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...

25. Your tween has a crush.


Sorry but, it's all downhill from here.

26. Your kid just got in major trouble and has the nerve to be mad at you for punishing him.

ABC / Via

You consider giving them the "this hurts me for than it hurts you" speech but doing so would mean you've turned into your parents and well, that hurts you more.

27. Your 12-year-old wants an Instagram account.

Nickelodeon / Via

Now would be a good time to figure out wtf Snapchat and KiK are too — they'll be asking for those next.

28. Your kid requests a play date in front of his friend and their parent.


Way to put you on the spot.

29. Your children grow up.


Seeing your sweet babies say deuces to childhood is achingly beautiful. You'll find yourself missing what was, anticipating what's to come, and so grateful for what is.

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