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29 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You As A Parent

There are mountains, and then there are molehills disguised as them.

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17. Your kid lost one of their favorite shoes while you two were out running errands.

True story.


18. You potty train your kid, ditch the diapers, and promptly discover they've got a bladder the size of a pea.

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Have you ever used a public restroom or porta-potty with a toddler in tow? ("Honey, don't touch that. No, really, DON'T TOUCH THAT.")

20. Your toddler goes into tantrum mode while you're stuck in traffic.

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All because they dropped their toy on the floor and you couldn't get it for them (not that you didn't nearly break your arm trying).


26. Your kid just got in major trouble and has the nerve to be mad at you for punishing him.

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You consider giving them the "this hurts me for than it hurts you" speech but doing so would mean you've turned into your parents and well, that hurts you more.

29. Your children grow up.


Seeing your sweet babies say deuces to childhood is achingly beautiful. You'll find yourself missing what was, anticipating what's to come, and so grateful for what is.


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