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This Girl's Name Is "Sincerely Yours '98"

Seriously. She's the sister of Macaroni '85 and Spaghetti '88.

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People thought it was a system error at first, but some netizens were able to find a status she posted three years ago on a Facebook group dedicated to people with "cool and badass" names.

She wrote: "My name is Sincerely Yours '98 Pascual, also known as Truly. Hahaha... now that's badass!"

She admits her name has caused some confusion.

"I filled out a form (in a fast food store), then the waiter looked at me and asked if it really was my name. He even went to his manager and showed the form. The manager thought that I was kidding, and even threatened to report me to the police. I showed them my school ID, and laughed at my name."

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