Around The World Is “Gangnam Style”

From flashmobs, parodies, public performances, and everything in between, witness how the world rides the invisible horse.

1. Argentina

2. Armenia

3. Australia (Melbourne)

4. Australia (Perth)

5. Australia (Sydney)

6. Austria


7. Belarus

8. Belgium

9. Botswana

He performed the full wacking and voguing routine on a local talent show. No one has uploaded it yet.

10. Brazil (São Paulo)

11. Brazil (Recife)

12. Brunei

13. Bulgaria

14. Burma

I feel like I invaded a pajama party.

15. Canada (Toronto)

16. Canada (Edmonton)

17. Canada (Ottawa)

18. Canada (Vancouver)

19. Chile

This is actually a student protest.

20. China (Hong Kong)

21. China (Jiangnan)

22. Colombia

23. Czech Republic

24. Denmark

25. Estonia

26. Fiji

Y U NO come out of shadow?

27. Finland

28. France

29. Germany

30. Guam

31. Hungary

32. Iceland

33. Indonesia (Jakarta)

They are actually about to do something illegal. Scared for them.

34. Indonesia


35. Iran


36. Ireland

37. Israel

38. Italy

Featuring the Invisibility Cloak.

39. Japan

40. Laos

41. Latvia

42. Lithuania

43. Malaysia (Lahad Datu)

44. Malaysia (Sabah)

Featuring Borneans of Hakka descent.

45. Malta

46. Mexico

47. Mongolia

48. Morocco

49. Nepal

50. Netherlands

51. New Zealand

52. Norway

53. Pakistan

“Gangnam Style” is included in their routine.

54. Paraguay

55. Peru

56. Philippines

As a Filipino, I’m LOLing at his examples of Filipino dances (Ispageti and Ocho-ocho).

57. Philippines

Eric Tai is a member of the Philippine Rugby Team. This video features several local celebrities.

58. Philippines

59. Russia

60. Russia (Kaliningrad)

61. Samoa

62. Serbia

63. Singapore

64. Singapore

65. Slovenia

66. South Africa

67. South Korea

Featuring the contestants of Miss Korea 2012. “MiKo” is the abbreviation of Miss Korea.

68. South Korea (Busan)

Featuring the Busan Yeonje Police Department.

69. South Korea (Daegu)

The city’s unique dialect is used as lyrics.

70. South Korea (Seoul)

All of them are mothers? Dang, they can move!

71. Spain (Barcelona)

72. Spain (Lleida)

73. Sweden

74. Sweden

Bras, bras all around!

75. Switzerland

76. Taiwan

A parody video about “Studying Like Sh*t.”

77. Thailand

78. Taiwan

It must be fun to belong in this family.

79. Thailand

80. Tonga

81. United Kingdom (London)

82. United States of America (Chicago)

83. United States of America (El Monte, CA)

All the lifeguards you see here were fired from their jobs because of this video. You can sign a petition to help them.

84. United States of America (Findlay, OH)

Featuring the University of Findlay Swim Team.

85. United States of America (Los Angeles)

86. United States of America (New York City)

87. United States of America (San Francisco)

What a cute wedding video!

88. Uzbekistan

89. Vietnam

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