25 Most Reblogged Korean Pop Groups On Tumblr

The fandoms are fierce.

Tumblr has published its year-end report for 2013, which included a list of Korean pop groups that receive the most love through reblogging.

25. Nine Muses

Debut: 2010
Known For: Retro-inspired songs, coupled with simple yet sexy choreography.
Latest Single: Glue


Debut: 2009
Known For: Pop rock sounds with an indie feel.
Latest Single: Lady*

  • Japanese single

23. Miss A

Debut: 2010
Known For: Delivering a different sound on every single, all of which have an interesting choreography.
Latest Single: Hush

22. Sistar

Debut: 2010
Known For: Sultriness on every single.
Latest Single: Give It To Me

21. After School

Debut: 2009
Known For: Out-of-the-box concepts in their choreography, such as drumlines and stripper poles.
Latest Single: Heaven*

  • Japanese single

20. A Pink

Debut: 2011
Known For: Cutesy songs that brighten up your dreary day.
Latest Single: U You

19. 2PM

Debut: 2008
Known For: Looks and bods that would make you clutch your pearls (and they have good vocals).
Latest Single: Winter Games*

  • Japanese single

18. BtoB

Debut: 2012
Known For: Gliding through different genres with ease, whether it is ballad, R & B or pop.
Latest Single: Thriller

17. B1A4

Debut: 2011
Known For: Performing with “genuine fun”, according to Billboard.
Latest Single: With You*

  • Part of “Reply 1994” soundtrack

16. JYJ

Debut: 2010 (as JYJ)
Known For: Consisting of former members of TVXQ, JYJ still have their signature mid-tempo ballads and power vocals.
Latest Single: In Heaven (2011)*

  • Two members released solo albums in 2013.

15. Teen Top

Debut: 2010
Known For: High energy singles, together with synchronized choreography.
Latest single: Lovefool

14. TVXQ

Debut: 2003
Known For: A former five-man group, the duo continue to dominate both singles and album charts in Korea and Japan.
Latest Single: Scream*

  • Japanese single

13. Block B

Debut: 2011
Known For: An eclectic mix of underground rappers and hip-hop vocalists.
Latest Single: Very Good

12. f(x)

Debut: 2009
Known For: Multi-layered urban tracks with EDM influences.
Latest Single: Rum Pum Pum Pum


Debut: 2009
Known For: Current sounds that usually delve on darker themes.
Latest Single: Shadow

10. VIXX

Debut: 2012
Known For: Riveting hardcore pop
Latest Single: Voodoo Doll

9. 2NE1

Debut: 2009
Known For: Urban sounds that defy the sexy themes common among female groups.
Latest Single: Missing You

8. Bangtan Boys

Debut: 2013
Known For: Anthem-like hip-hop tracks.
Latest Single: N.O


Debut: 2006
Known For: Very catchy urban pop with electronic nuances.
Latest Single: Monster (2012)*

  • The group spent 2013 touring and releasing solo albums.

6. Super Junior

Debut: 2005
Known For: Multi-genre pop gods.
Latest Single: Blue World*

  • Japanese single

5. Girls’ Generation

Debut: 2007
Known For: A perfect balance of cute, sexy, and fierce.
Latest Single: My Oh My*

  • Japanese single

4. B.A.P

Debut: 2012
Known For: Very heavy, hip-hop-influenced pop.
Latest Single: One Shot*

  • Japanese single

3. Infinite

Debut: 2010
Known For: Giving synth pop a modern spin, not to mention their sickening synchronized choreography.
Latest Single: Destiny

2. Shinee

Debut: 2008
Known For: Switching between cutesy boyband sounds to darker, manly pop with cosmopolitan feel.
Latest Single: 3 2 1*

  • Japanese single

1. Exo

Debut: 2012
Known For: Releasing “cool boy” sounds, simultaneously in Korean and Mandarin.
Latest Single: Growl

Enjoy the songs, kids! Kamsahabnida!

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