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    • Krieli

      I get what Amber Cally is saying here, and I give her props for working so hard to get where she is now. It certainly isn’t a cake walk to make the amount of money you want to make in life, but this issue is a joke. I mean - I believe that protest has it’s merits, don’t get me wrong, especially if you feel like you work harder and do better at your job than fellow coworkers. But to demand a minimum wage of that amount? Give me a break. I work in a local, specialty food shop, serving customers all day and telling them all sorts of information about a product, so they can make a smart purchase. I have a degree from the University of San Diego. I was working a job that paid me a $45k salary, but the job made me unhappy, so I left. I now make only $10 an hour and need to find another job to supplement that in order to live within the means I want/need to. Do I feel like I deserve to be making more money at this point in my life? Of course! But I sure as hell don’t rely on any employer to provide me with the life I want for myself. These people chose their jobs at McDonald’s. They get what they signed up for, or they take it up as personal matter with management and provide why they deserve to make more as individuals. It’s about personal responsibility.

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