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    • krich88

      I’ve been a vegetarian for half of my life, and lists like these always seem to come from a narrow point of view. A few of these make sense but several make it seem like you can’t ever eat meat around us or that we’ll force our SO to eat what we eat? Some vegetarians and vegans do want to encourage other people to join their lifestyle, or find meat gross/unhealthy. But some of us just want to live our lifestyle and want you to be happy, being you too. Also, veggie bacon is gross and I’m not afraid of hot dogs.

    • krich88

      I have to argue about these films that I have seen: The Descendants was based on a book and I thought well advertised as a family drama. Perks was a very well known book as well, and I would argue that it brings a great amount of hope within all the pain that goes on, the movie captures that very well with the final scene. Blue Valentine was pretty well advertised as a depressing film. Not really getting how Adventureland is that depressing? Its semi-realistic but far from depressing, especially if you’re putting it in the same category as some of these other films. It also does have some pretty hilarious parts, I mean Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader..500 Days of Summer I guess could be deceiving as its a comedy without the stereotypical ending, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it depressing.Young Adult was advertised as a dark comedy, which usually doesn’t mean the happiest of subject matter/ending. I haven’t seen Spectacular Now yet, but I’ve read the book and unless they totally butchered it, it wasn’t ever going to be a happy movie. Never saw Spring Breakers, thought it was advertised as very dark. However, I agree about Friends with Kids, and only knew what to expect from Funny People because I had heard so many people talk about its surprising darkness by the time I finally saw it. And I’d like to agree with whoever mentioned Remember Me, when they pull out from the building at the end I think I literally shouted “NO WHAT?”

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