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    Jude--The Grumpy Cat

    Jude may pose like an elegant cat, but he's really up to no good.

    "I may have tipped over a chair behind me, but I will pose as though I am a statue."

    "Well, might as well get some shut-eye"

    The day Jude meets Tang, "he can't reach me up here"

    "If you're leaving, make sure you take me with you."

    "I'm a big fan of Coronas."

    "I don't care about your laundry, if it fits, I sits."

    "It's comfortable, don't hate."

    "You're kind of making me mad, but I think we can work this out."

    "If you're going to photograph me during my rest time, at least bring tuna."

    "Even though I'm a fur ball, you should still be afraid of me."

    "I'll only cuddle if you partially let me sit on you."

    "If you don't open this box, I will fight you."

    "At least you know what's smart for you."

    "Why are you wearing this awful dress?"

    "Okay, maybe I'm not grumpy, I'm just misunderstood."

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