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9 Annoying Things About College Roommates

Living with your parents isn't looking so bad after all.

KRDenz 4 years ago

Freedom Is Seeing Past Lies #Artforfreedom

The most genuine American act is to speak your opinion freely without fear of repercussions.

KRDenz 5 years ago

Jude--The Grumpy Cat

Jude may pose like an elegant cat, but he's really up to no good.

KRDenz 5 years ago

How To Be Awesome According To Christine Campbell

On The New Adventures of Christine, Christine Campbell describes the fabulous and not so fabulousness of being awesome.

KRDenz 5 years ago

Can Your Favorite Potato Chip Predict Your Personality?

Everyone would like to think that a potato chip choice isn't an accurate depiction of your personality. However, maybe there is some mysterious reason behind your favorite chips.

KRDenz 5 years ago