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DIY Projects That Will Put You In The Holiday Spirit

Nothing like a craft full of holiday cheer to put you in the right mood. Krazy Glue makes these DIY projects easy!

We recommend wearing disposable gloves when working with Krazy Glue. Be sure not to use more glue than is necessary to avoid white residue.

1. A cute, homemade snow globe is just the thing.

Completed snow globe with artificial snow, miniature trees, and streetlamp inside. Bottle of Krazy Glue off to the side.


Craft snow globe or small jar

Krazy Glue Wood Glue

Miniature bottlebrush tree

Other holiday miniatures

Artificial snowflakes



1. Krazy Glue your bottle brush tree and any miniatures to the platform of your craft snow globe (if you are using a jar, glue to the lid) and let dry.

Person Krazy Gluing miniature tree to the platform of a craft snow globe.

2. Pour a bit of fake snow into the globe of the snow globe.

Person Krazy Gluing a red ribbon to base of completed snow globe.

3. Then fill the globe about ¾ full of water. Apply a bit of Krazy Glue to the lid to keep it secure. Insert the platform and screw shut. Let dry for a couple of minutes.

4. Take your ribbon and wrap it around the bottom of the snow globe. Secure with Krazy Glue and let dry.

2. A wooden ball holiday wreath is sure to brighten your doorstep.

Completed wooden ball wreath.


Krazy Glue Wood Glue

Various sizes of wooden balls

Styrofoam wreath form

White spray paint


1. Using Krazy Glue Wood Glue, glue the first layer of wooden balls to the styrofoam wreath. Stagger the size and variety of the balls on the first layer. Let dry according to directions.

2. Add the next layer of wooden balls, and glue them in place with Krazy Glue. Again, make sure to stagger the size and variety of the balls on the second layer. Let dry according to directions.

Person Krazy Gluing unpainted wooden balls to wreath form.

3. Continue adding layers until desired shape is created.

4. Spray-paint wreath white. Let dry and decorate with coordinating ribbon.

Person Krazy Gluing more unpainted balls to wreath form.

3. A clothespin tree makes the perfect tabletop decoration.

Completed clothespin tree with dark and light green clothespins. Bottle of Krazy Glue off to the side.


Krazy Glue Wood Glue

Styrofoam cone

150 small clothespins

Light-colored green paint

Medium-colored green paint

Darker-colored green paint

Wooden ball for tree topper



1. Divide the clothespins into groups of three and paint each of the sets a different shade of green paint. Let dry.

2. Paint the styrofoam cone green. Let dry.

Clothespins, paintbrushes, and green paint laid out. Person is painting one of the clothespins green. Bottle of Krazy Glue off to the side.

3. At the base of the cone, use Krazy Glue to glue a layer of darker-colored clothespins. Make sure the end of the clothespin (the part that clips) is facing up. Let glue dry.

4. Clip and glue second layer of darker-colored clothespins. Clip the bottom of the second layer of clothespins to the first and glue in place. Repeat for second layer. Let glue dry.

Person Krazy Gluing painted clothespins to foam cone.

5. Repeat step 4 for additional layers

6. Paint the wooden ball with the lightest color of green paint and glue to the top of the cone. Let glue dry.

7. Add a final layer of paint to the clothespins. Let paint dry. Finish with a coat of polyurethane.

Get into the holiday spirit this year with Krazy Glue.