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13 DIY Projects Just In Time For Summer

Summer isn't going to enjoy itself. Build the best summer of your life with Krazy Glue.

1. Turn your truck bed into a mobile swimming pool.

2. Want to take a day trip with your pooch? Put a sidecar on your bike so your dog can ride along.

3. Instead of buying a grill, build your own out of bricks.

4. No central air in your apartment? Beat the heat with a $20 homemade AC unit.

5. Transform your backyard into an arena where champions are made and honor is won and lost by building a bocce court.

6. Upgrade your old lawn mower by converting it to run on solar power.

7. Don't spend hundreds on patio furniture. Throw shade in your backyard with an arbor.

It will turn any lawn into an outdoor lounge. Put a bench or table under it and boom — you have a classy space for drinks and outdoor dining.

8. Make a beanbag out of your old t-shirts for those lazy summer afternoons.

9. Create your own compost with a simple worm farm.

Turn your food scraps into food for your lawn or garden and never pay for compost again.

10. Build a patchwork concrete patio to create an outdoor seating area on a budget.

11. Hang a rope swing in your backyard for swinging and climbing.

12. Construct this modern log lounger and relax in style.

13. And finally: Build a portable ice chest stereo and rock out all summer long.

Want to take one of these projects on? Better pack a pocket-sized insurance policy.