23 Reasons To Celebrate One Direction

Screw “National Cashew Day.” It’s INTERNATIONAL ONE DIRECTION DAY!

1. 1. First and foremost, each is swoon-worthy in their own right…

2. First we have Harry Styles…

[Disclaimer: he’s mine.]

3. This sexy piece of cougar bait is the charming, flirty, funny one in the group. He’s been known to pull quite a few ladies in his day, but don’t let his Casanova exterior fool you. He’s also got a heart of gold underneath that very hot, tattooed exterior.

4. Then there’s Zayn Malik…

5. Zayn is the strong, sexy, silent type. He’s also the creative and mysterious member of the group with the bone structure of a Greek god. So, if you’re looking for a caring and grounded boy bander to settle down with soon, then Zayn’s your man.

(note: he will take longer to do his hair than you…)

6. Want to get lucky with an Irishman? Then look no further than Niall Horan…

7. Niall is definitely the carefree, playful and good-natured member of 1D. This cutie pie is incredibly well-liked and is always up for a good laugh. He’s also the bonafide rockstar of the group and can usually be found jamming out with his guitar on stage.

8. Next up is Louis Tomlinson..

9. Louis is hands down the biggest troublemaker in 1D. This beautiful jokester is always down to prank his bandmates and has the ability to make light of any situation. What some people might not know is he’s the protective brother to 4 sisters. Aww.

10. And last but not least is Liam Payne…

11. Liam, also known as “Daddy Directioner,” is the smart, sensible and mature one in the group. He’s a loyal friend/lover and is always there to lend a helping hand to his mates in need. Don’t be fooled though, Liam can joke around with the best of em!

12. 2. But, let’s be real, they’re better when they’re together.

14. 3. While you might have a favorite, there’s no denying that all of these guys are SUPER good-looking…

Like really really really ridiculously good looking.

15. I mean…

Fabulous Magazine / Via favim.com

16. 4. They also have killer accents.

17. 5. And the best bromances of all time.

**Larry Stylinson**

20. 6. Unlike many other pop artists of our day, these boys* can ACTUALLY sing…

OneDirectionVEVO / Via youtube.com

*Everyone but Louis.

21. 7. And their songs (and videos, the more 1D the better) are amazing…

Whether you’re in the mood for an upbeat jam…

22. Or a sensual ballad…

OneDirectionVEVO / Via youtube.com

23. 8. They also have been known to cover songs in the most magnificent way possible.

One Direction’s take on “Teenage Dirtbag.” [note: skip to minute 1:13]

24. 9. And they always know how to put on a really entertaining show…

The chicken dance? Bold move guys.

27. 10. They give us the most entertaining interviews.

Jimmy Kimmel / Via youtube.com

30. 11. And are good to their fans…

31. I mean, they let this girl sexually assault them.

Where do I sign up?

32. 12. They have great hair…

People / Via people.com

33. **SPOTLIGHT** on Harry

34. 13. And are [thankfully] not opposed to getting naked.


Liam Payne for the win.

37. 14. They like to joke around/don’t take themselves too seriously…

39. That time Louis and Zayn convinced the rest of 1D that their interviewer was having a baby….

40. 15. And are adorably cheeky.

Cheeky (adj): impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way.

42. The only way to make a fragrance commercial.

Brad Pitt, please take notice.

43. 16. They love and take care of their families.

That time Zayn bought his mom a house…

44. And Louis mourned the loss of his great grandparents…

45. While Niall and Harry were the best men at their brother and mothers’ weddings respectively…

46. And Liam goofed off with his loving family.

47. 17. They’re clearly good lovers…

Some of them are taken.

49. And some of them are REALLY taken.

E! Online / Via eonline.com

Yep, Zayn put a ring on it.

50. Some are really gettin it in.

51. Note: Harry is an equal opportunity lover.

52. And Niall is…dating himself?

53. 18. They’re the sexiest good Samaritans of all time ever.

54. **looking gOoFy for charity**

55. 19. And they can be incredibly sensitive…

~hot guys with babies~

58. .20. But then again, they know how to party.

You take the champs down Louis.

59. But actually, drink up baby boy.

60. 21. They’re well-liked by all kinds of celebrities…

[Lady Gaga, ugh….]

61. 22. And are deceivingly bad boys.

“Don’t let the pictures leave your phone.” Subtle guys.

Never dating anyone without tattoos. ever.

63. 23. But lastly, and most importantly, they brought back the boy band and the world will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!

Love ya. Mean it.

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