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    • KramericaIndustries

      Or, deal with the fact it’s just a TV show (albeit a great one) and whether you’re spoiled one episode ahead or twelve it’s all the same. And honestly, if people just spent their time worrying about spoiling it for others, then no one would ever talk. Netflix is THE ONLY time spoiling can happen in one huge chunk, so accept the fact that it’s going to happen and move on with your life. If your enjoyment of the show is that tied to shock and awe moments, it really isn’t THAT hard to stay off Twitter or avoid clicking on links with the title of the show in it.

    • KramericaIndustries

      Wow, I’m ashamed there is any other angle besides the young girl suffering. I can’t believe the author of this piece felt there was a reason or need to specify the real atrocity was “a” and not “b”. And that the school felt the need to defend itself from the evil parents pointing the finger. Their daughter is dead. And whether the number of people who saw the picture wasn’t enough to be considered viral is completely irrelevant. Whether or not the girl was truly cyberbullied is not the issue, either. These guys raped and destroyed this girl. And, yes, I was a high school student once and worked in a high school, and the teachers know what’s up. They always do. Teenagers aren’t known for their discretion, either. So, if you believe only 10 people saw these pictures, I have a bridge to sell you. Both the school and those boys (and, frankly anyone who poked fun or brought her down about it) are responsible. If she was so distraught that she needed to come home in the middle of the day and her mom come get her, it wasn’t because everything was OK. She was suffering. I cannot believe the school is really worried about the definition of the deed, and that they shouldn’t be held responsible. They’re responsible for every last student in the building in some respect.

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