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The End-All Guide To Achieving The Perfect Grilled Cheese

It's an art and a science. Grilled cheese is the perfect food for human beings everywhere. So grab your KRAFT Singles, now with no artificial preservatives, and be on your way to attaining cheesy nirvana.

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3. You'll want to get softened butter.

rprata / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 95213174@N08

There's just something about that buttery flavor that brings you back to your childhood when you took grilled cheese for granted. Never forget.

5. Definitely plan on cooking this masterpiece in a cast-iron skillet or griddle.


No grilled cheese can reach perfection without being cooked in these timeless pieces of equipment. It's what separates great from good.

7. Now, place that bread on the skillet and add your cheese along with your favorite fixin's!


Once your crust attains that perfect golden-brown color and your cheese is oozing oh-so-deliciously down the sides, you know you've done a good job.

8. Since you're practically ravenous at this point, speed up the process by covering the pan for a minute or two.


This traps the heat to sure you melt your cheese without potentially over-crispifying your bread!

10. Pair that perfect grilled cheese with tomato soup for added perfection.

neil conway / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: neilconway

The acidity of the tomato soup will balance out the buttery deliciousness of your sandwich. This way the guilt doesn't set in until well after you're done eating!