11 Reasons Why National Grilled Cheese Day Is The Most Important Holiday Ever

Christmas? Bah, humbug. Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day on Saturday, April 12 with KRAFT Singles!

1. Grilled cheese drives people to new heights of innovation.

Jerry Pank, (CC by http://2.0) / Flickr: cookipedia

Jerry Pank, (CC by http://2.0) / Flickr: cookipedia


Nothing will stop us in our pursuit of grilled cheese.

2. Grilled cheese inspires devotion.

elisereneemakesthings / Via etsy.com

I grilled cheese grilled cheese, and if you grilled cheese grilled cheese? I grilled cheese you, too.

3. It inspires love.

SweetOnHearts / Via etsy.com

I would say they’re too pretty to eat, but…

4. It inspires us to be the best people we can be.

kimberleydale / Via etsy.com

The best people we can be are grilled cheese gang$ter$.

5. It inspires ART.

santacruzart / Via etsy.com

Frame it. Put it on your wall. Hand it down to your children’s children’s children.

6. It inspires fashion.

EmmaWoodallART / Via etsy.com

So fashion.


GidgetJo / Via etsy.com


8. Grilled cheese is there for us when no one else is.

ABC, Boy Meets World / Via thatsoneforamerica.tumblr.com


9. And grilled cheese brings people together.

Palm Sirichanya, (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: palminator

These people are glued together by the cheesy bonds of friendship.

10. In short…

Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife, (CC by http://2.0), animation added / Via Flickr: 51047615@N06

(…and in cheesy…)

11. …National Grilled Cheese Day is DIVINE.

Dan4th Nicholas, (CC BY http://2.0), animation added / Via Flickr: dan4th

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day the way it was meant to be celebrated — with KRAFT Singles.

Courtesy of KRAFT / Via kraftrecipes.com

Now with no added preservatives!

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