10 Signs Your Significant Other Only Wants You For Your Grilled Cheese

Here are all the warning signs. Make sure your romantic interest is in it for the right reasons! It can be tough to have good judgment when KRAFT Singles (now without artificial preservatives) are involved.

1. It all started on the first date, when all they did was chat about grilled cheese.

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The menu consisted of, you guessed it, grilled cheese.

2. On subsequent dates, they always managed to talk you into ordering something grilled cheese related.

kelly bone / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: kellybone

Which was cool, because you totally love grilled cheese.

3. Whenever you pull apart two perfect halves of a grilled cheese, they get a ravenous look in their eyes.

Sometimes you wonder if you should be scared…

4. Whenever you make a grilled cheese for a snack, they just have to get all up in your space.

Gotta respect the space. Especially in a relationship.

5. It doesn’t help when you notice your S.O.’s browsing history seems to be a plethora of grilled cheese GIFs.

Could be worse?

6. Whenever splitting a grilled cheese, they always give themselves the larger half.

Without fail.

7. Sometimes they wait until you fall asleep to use your last slice of cheese to make a sandwich.

They think you have no idea…

8. And even though you talk it out, they keep doing it anyway.

Without an apology, either.

9. They’re never up for doing anything fun anymore. Unless it involves grilled cheese.

How did it ever come to this?

10. And when they go to make a grilled cheese, they “forget” to ask if you want any.

Something’s definitely not right here.

Solution: Make sure there’s enough KRAFT Singles (with no artificial preservatives) to go around!

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