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Make An Over-The-Top Bowl Of KD And We’ll Guess If You’re Team Original Or Team Flavour


Iconic Canadian comfort food, Kraft Dinner is stirring the pot with its New KD Flavour Cups. But we want to know, are you on #TeamOriginal or #TeamFlavour when it comes to your Kraft Dinner? Well the #KDFlavourDebate is here to help settle the score once and for all. Not sure where you fall between these groups? Take our quiz and find out.

While some Canadians are firm believers that the original cheesy KD is the only way to go, others go wild for the bold flavours available in the new Flavour Cups including Spicy Buffalo, Jalapeño, and Poutine. Use your noodle and take part in the #KDFlavourDebate — the biggest decision you'll make this year. Follow @KraftDinnerCA to have your voice heard!