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Adele Denied Performance At Local Train Station

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Adele recently arrived in Boston to perform two sold out shows at the TD Garden. While most Boston fans are planning to wait outside the Garden to catch a glimpse of the powerhouse singer or scalp tickets, some were planning on seeing her at a local train station.

Social media was filled with Adele rumors this week, as a group of local DJs made a Facebook event advertising a free Adele performance at the Quincy Center MBTA station. The event, which was made by a group called the Usual Suspects, was slated for September 14 at 6 P.M. just in time for rush hour.

The MBTA was quick to squash the rumors and sent out multiple, frantic tweets in a matter of minutes with #FAKE appearing throughout. Though they originally did not believe the event was true, the MBTA wanted to make sure that they got down to the bottom of the situation.

"...We confirmed that it was not true and we wanted to get out ahead of it in the interest of public safety. We did not want hundreds, or possibly thousands, of people converging on Quincy Center station." said Transit PD Supt. Richard Sullivan in an interview with Boston Magazine. Sullivan went on to explain that social media is routinely checked for any sort of issue that might be detrimental to the MBTA.

This isn't the first time a concert of this sort has been advertised either. Earlier this summer, the same group promoted a Snoop Dogg concert at a Burger King bathroom in Weymouth, MA and they are currently advertising an appearance by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn and The Cranberries at a local Whole Foods this October. Currently, over two thousand people are interested in attending this pun filled concert.

The Transit Police has reason to be taking these rumors seriously though. In Dayton, Ohio earlier this year, a similar post was shared on Faceboook, featuring a Limp Bizkit concert at a Sunoco gas station. Despite police advertising that the concert was false, hundreds of fans showed up anyways.

The MBTA isn't trying to hunt down whoever made the post, however, they are not taking these fake events lightly. "It's not something that we condone or take as simply a prank." said Sullivan.

Since tickets have been sold out for months, chances are slim that anyone in the area will get a chance to see Adele live and definitely not for free. Looks like the only way you'll be seeing Adele if you're in Boston is the old fashioned way, via your lucky friends' snapchat.

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