The Tale Of Rude Dog’s Trashcapades

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1. This is Rudie. Rudie loves a good adventure.

2. Once upon a time, Rudie was rescued from a shelter.

3. Rudie made himself right at home…

4. “I think we’ve been robbed. There used to be bacon in there.”

5. He rearranged the kitchen for his humans

6. He got a little hungry sometimes and helped himself…

7. He tried to help and do the dishes while his humans were at work

8. He tried to learn how to unload the dishwasher

9. Tried to cook his humans a nice meal..

11. Tuesday, June 21, 2011. Rude Dog’s day is chronicled by a hidden camera.

2:52PM: Rudie checks the counters

3:05PM: Pulling Mom’s tote bag off the coat rack.

3:15PM: Opens the cabinets. Coat rack is defeated.

17. “But despite his trashcapades, Rudie is ruv’d very much and his family wouldn’t trade him for a well-behaved pup anyday.”

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