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    9 Dream Airbnb Listings That Will Inspire You To Start Making Summer Travel Plans ASAP

    BRB booking them all!!

    1. First, there's this airy Penthouse in Cape Town, South Africa, currently listed for $171 per night:

    Instagram: @vikisfashionmoments

    That private pool and roof deck though!!!

    2. And Down Under, there's this Australian apartment with THE best ocean views ever, currently listed at $325 per night.

    Instagram: @karen__png

    "White wash timber floors, vaulted ceilings, loads of natural light and large picture windows are the stand out features internally, but it is the view (with regular dolphin and whale shows out the front)." UM YESSS???

    3. This cozy Parisian apartment looks straight out of a rom-com, and it's currently listed for $141 a night.

    Instagram: @yiyinzhang

    It comes with a stunning view of Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur.

    4. Nature lovers will flip over this legit tree house in Atlanta, listed at $375 a night...

    Instagram: @justindemutiis_nature

    It's apparently Airbnb's most wished-for listing in the entire world!

    5. And the Vondel house in Amsterdam, currently listed at $294 a night, is just straight-up lovely:

    Instagram: @rach.dacosta

    We especially stan the high ceilings and little garden.

    6. In Tulum, Mexico, this pastel-soaked apartment is currently listed for $89 per night:

    Instagram: @heywanderer

    It's filled with gorgeous original Mexican art and textiles.

    7. This "Honeymoon House" in Minnesota, listed at $355 a night, puts you right on the shore of Lake Superior:

    Instagram: @brennakjellberg

    The house is outfitted with heated floors, a telescope, and a record player. 😍 😍

    8. And this Little Owl Cabin is fittingly listed as "your Pacific Northwest A-frame cabin fantasy" for $229/night.

    Instagram: @livewanderfly

    It's located about 20 minutes from Mt. Rainier National Park and the White Pass Ski Area.

    9. And finally, for another gorgeous A-frame cabin option, there's the Tye Haus in Washington state, for $170/night.

    Instagram: @mr.vanholt

    BRB, getting into all things A-frame in the meantime.

    Which one are you booking ASAP?? Comment with your choice below!

    This post was translated from Japanese.