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The 10 Best Metro Systems For Tourists

Listing the best and most awesome metro and subway systems for tourists in the world. Keeping travelers connected, cross town and around.

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9. Taipei MRT

The Taipei Metro is rapidly expanding and easily connects tourists to many spots. There is severe congestion however on the main east-west line, which should be relieved by the new line opening November 24.

5. Shanghai

The Shanghai Metro is fast, bilingual, and a bit more expensive then its cousin up north, the Beijing Subway. The Shanghai Metro is also one of the densest metro systems in the world. Second only to the number one on this list.

4. New York Subway

The New York Subway can take you downtown and uptown; from Brooklyn to the Bronx. Sometime, though, the New York Metro can be the most confusing for foreign tourists- "What do you mean the orange line splits in 4?"

2. Seoul Metropolitan Subway

The worlds most extensive system by length is also incredibly tourist friendly. Wi-Fi is available in all stations and trains. It's pretty east to get from partying in Hongdae to Gangnam Station.

1. Paris Metro

The Paris Metro is the best metro system for tourists in one of the most visited cities in the world. The city of light has the densest metro system in the world making it super tourist friendly. It won't take you long to go from the Louvre to the Arch de Triumph.

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