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    • koreym2

      The answersIcan come up with: 1. It is never explicitly stated that the beast is heir to the throne. Realistically, he’s likely to haveanumber of siblings, and the younger, and more mean sibling is very likely to be given control overavery small (and unimportant) providence on the far country-side in favor of the kinder and more beloved older siblings. If he’s suchaprick, most likely his family wants to forget about him. They give himacastle and servants so they can continue to ignore him. Notaplot hole. 2. It’s never stated that the prince was any age in the film. In fact, the numbers they give us are that the rose will bloom until “his 21st year.” Ten years pass since the rose is given to him, and the rose is already wilting; it is no longer blooming. This means the rose has ceased to bloom some time ago. And any magical rose that takesanumber of years to bloom will likely take an equal number of years to completely wilt. I’d esitmate that the beast was likely around 17-18 years old when the rose was given to him, and is probably 27-28 years old by the time he meets Belle (they spend at leastaseason together in the film). Math and logic are not difficult. Notaplot hole. 3. Belle opens the door because she isn’t rude. She’sarespectable person who wants to set the record straight, not continue to dangle this man she doesn’t like by pretending she’s interested, but “busy.” Whoever wrote this is obviously notavery considerate person. 4. Who cares? Do you write about every extra you don’t understand in every movie you see? 5. Explained in counter-point number two. The portrait is of the Prince at an age somewhere around when he was transformed (so likely 17-18 years old). 6. We never know what would have happened because the Beast is overly protective of the rose. And for good reason. This rose is his punishment, andasymbol of his weakness, his mortality. Even in the powerful form he’s been cursed with, the Beast fears his own limitations, and more importantly, he fears what will happen when someone else comes into contact with his weakness, and his shame. 7. No idea. She’sasmart girl, I’m sure we can assume she can figure it out. 8. If Chip was born just before the curse, he’d likely be close to ten years old. He doesn’t act much younger. Besides, we never really see Chip acting normally. He’s always trying to impress Belle in every scene we see him in. He’s never metaguest before, so this draws some strange behavior out of him. Give the kidabreak. 9. This is ridiculous. When you encounteramagical castle surrounded and filled with nothing but the unimaginable, unexplainable, and illogical, why don’t you try to inject some logic into the situation? Should Belle immediately assume the Beast isaprince oracount, when she can’t explain the mysticism ofatalking clock? 10. I’m assuming the Beast hasadress maker. In the shape ofamailbox or something. He also hasatailor (the coat hanger), and an extensive wardrobe. 11. Because Belle doesn’t know if she will ever come back. Her father is driven to his position by his brief relationshp with the Beast.Idoubt he’d ever let her return. She’s makingalife changing decision here; making promises she doesn’t know she can keep isn’tagood idea. Besides, from the Beast’s perspective, even if she does return, it will likely be too late (the rose wilts completely later that night). 12. This is your only decent complaint, but it’s still not very good. The Beast has been in recluse foradecade, and we’ve no evidence that he ever did rule anything. More than likely, as stated before, he wasayoung prince toawealthy family inadistant part of the country-side, givenahome to keep him away from the important matters. There,Isaved our childhoods. This movie is actually quite fantastic, and while it has its flaws, they aren’t going to be written out by some logic-lacking attention seeking prick who doesn’t understand good writing.

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