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UPDATED: Stephen Amell Is A Real Life Superhero

Stephen Amell went above and beyond to make my family feel incredibly special and loved. After the death of my son, he reached out to me, and set up something very special for us for Dallas Fan Expo, held February 7-8. This is our story (and it's a pretty cool one).

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On September 23, 2014, our beloved son Damian Atticus Finch died when I was 34 weeks pregnant from becoming entangled in his umbilical cord. Such a tragedy is not preventable in any way, and his loss was heartbreaking, to say the least.

After he died, we planned a superhero themed memorial for our little boy who was named after Damian Wayne (son of Batman). We asked everyone to wear capes or come in superhero costume, because of how his name came about.

Because Damian's memorial was superhero themed, and we are HUGE fans of Arrow, I reached out to Stephen Amell via Facebook to see if maybe he would send something to the memorial. His response to my request was not at all what I expected.

Just when I thought things couldn't possibly get any better than meeting Stephen, he took things a step further. Here he is, going above and beyond to make the Con even better for me, my husband, our children, and our friends. He upgraded us all to VIP!

THEN he reserved front row seats to his q&a panel for all of us. Did he have to do that? No, but it's just further proof of his real life superhero-ness.

So, when we got to the con, we got to go up to his signing table to initially meet him. He stood up, and asked "is this her?" When I saw him, I couldn't help but just wrap my arms around him, and he comforted me.

BJ Harrison

He gave me a proper hug, and in case you were wondering, yes, he smells amazing.

Now, I'm kind of weird, and I kept having these recurring dreams that I would run to him and jump into his arms and he would catch me. My husband begged me not to be weird but I asked anyway.

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Jessica Winter

AND HE SAID YES. Here's the video of the magnificent moment.

The shirt that Stephen is wearing in this video is one that I had made for him- he and I are the only two in existence to have those shirts. I gave it to him as thanks for making our day so special, and in memory of our Damian.

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BJ Harrison

When Stephen came out to his panel, the last thing in the world I expected was what happened.

At day 2 of the Con, I decided I needed to wait in line so that I could say hello to David Ramsey as well- turns out Stephen told him about me, and he crawled under his signing table to come snuggle me.

Now when David caused the crowd to go wild, John Barrowman felt the need to get in on the action, and vaulted over his signing table.

BJ Harrison

Yes, thats me, slapping John Barrowman's butt. It is in fact, very firm. I also spanked Dave Ramsey's bottom. I was feeling bold by this point.

So, the moral of this story is, Stephen Amell is a REAL superhero

4 months ago my world was shattered, and in two days, Stephen Amell brought me more happiness than I have felt since my son died. He went above and beyond to do something special for my family and friends. And for that, I will be forever grateful. Thank you Stephen, you are a class act, and a phenomenal man.

I also have a favor to ask all of you...

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