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10 Symptoms Of Orthorexia Or The Obsession Of Healthy Eating

Orthorexia is the obsession of healthy eating. Because each individual has a different perception of what is healthy, the symptoms of this eating disorder vary a lot. In fact, many patients don't even know they suffer from orthorexia before they arrive at their doctor for a completely different reason. For some people clean eating means vegan, for others is the obsession of organic foods or certain food groups. As teens can also suffer from this eating disorder, it can become dangerous, as giving up on entire food groups can make you prone to anemia, low blood pressure and general lack of energy, as well as long term ailments. It's important to be able to identify the symptoms of orthorexia, so here are the most common ones to look for.

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1. You become anxious if someone asks you to eat something “unclean”


Unfortunately, many people who suffer from orthorexia consider proteins to be unclean. Proteins are vital for your body, even when you are on a diet.

3. You never eat out because you are afraid your meal is contaminated

Eating out makes people who suffer from orthorexia anxious at the though their meals could contain unhealthy or unclean ingredients, they were prepared in a wrong way or the people who cooked them were unclean.

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