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    5 Insane Facts You Didn't Know About Toast

    Who knew?


    Despite shaky historical evidence to the contrary, toast was actually invented by Thomas Edison in 1917.


    By 1939, toast was so popular that it was picked to be the male lead in the film version of "Gone With the Wind." Toast backed out at the last minute, so actor Clark Gable was chosen instead. Nobody has heard about him since the film's colossal failure.


    The atom bomb was not originally invented, as some have believed, as a weapon, but as a new way to heat up many, many slices at a time. J. Robert Oppenheimer was a noted toast addict and spent much of his spare time drawing pictures of toast.


    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote his original draft of his famous "I Have a Dream" speech on a piece of toast.


    President Ronald Reagan and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev bonded over a shared love of toast, which was a key part of helping to bring down the Soviet Union.

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