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An Open Letter To Misogynist Richard A. Ameduri

Mayor Steve Adler did a great job at responding to your letter, but how about the insight of an actual Austinite female.

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Dear Mr. Ameduri,

On May 26, 2017, you sent an email to Austin's Mayor, Steve Adler, and might I say, I was only a little bit shocked to see what you had said about an all-females screening of Wonder Woman. I only say a little bit, because this type of speech has been all too common ever since Trump was elected as President; he encourages this type of behavior, but that is neither here nor there.

I want to address you, Richard, because this disgusting excuse of an email exists either because you are either so misinformed about the women in your life, or you aren't educated properly about society, or you are simply too scared to admit that some women may be more successful than you. Whichever the excuse is, let us dissect what you had written about women in general (and this includes your mother, any sisters or female friends you may have, maybe even a wife, if you so have one...)

So, "Mr. Retired-lawyer-that-has-never-even-been-to-Austin-before" (which still blows my mind on how you can even care about Austin all the way from Missouri), your unnecessarily sexist email claims that women "pretend they do not know that only men serve in combat because they are content to have an easier ride". Right, how about you send this email to the 16,000 women that served in Iraq, Afgahanistan, Germany, Japan, and other places back in 2008. Army Captain Meredith Mathis might also get a kick out of that line as well, because she has seen just as much, if not more, combat than many of her male counterparts. So it seems to me, you have just been misinformed.

We "gladly accept medals at Olympics for coming in 10th" because we understand that that is what we deserve sometimes. But to think that this doesn't motivate us to do better is just ignorant. But yeah, I know what you mean, can't believe anybody ever accepts an Olympic medal that isn't first place and DOESN'T cry/whine about it, even the men!

Name something invented by women:

-Fire escapes, in 1897 by Anna Connelly

-Solar heated homes, in the 1940s by Dr. Maria Telkes

-Computer software, in the 1950s, by Dr. Grace Murray Hopper (whom of which, also won the first ever Computer Science Man of the Year Award in 1969)

-The medical syringe, in 1899 by Letitia Geer

-Wireless transmissions technology, that eventually set the foundations for Wifi and GPS, during WWII, by Hedy Lamarr.

So you see, Mr. Ameduri, it seems to me that you have just been not properly educated.

Your idea of "second rate gender" is your own, and there is nothing anybody can do to convince you otherwise. I hope these views are not passed onto those around you, because it would be sad to see more of this hatred and cowardice within our progressive society.

The Women's Movement is not about being better, but it is about snuffing out ideologies like yours. It is about wanting to be viewed as human beings that have contributed as much to society as you claim only men have. i can't think of anything more cowardly than sending this email, and then refusing to read it once you get a response. You must have known how this would go: you are a male trying to tell the world what females want, as if you have any clue? That would be like me deciding the rights you have as a man... absurd, right? You must have sent this during a tantrum you had upon finding out that women will actually get to have a safe environment to go to, to watch a movie for the first time, which explains why you won't read the response; I'd be terribly embarrassed as well!

Let me just say, if there was an all-male screening of 300, do you think women would Really Care the way you cared so much about this? The answer is no.

So, Richard, it seems to me that you are just a coward. So please, feel free not to come to Austin, because we don't need that type of hatred around here. Keep it in Missouri.


Strong women everywhere that will not take your shit.

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