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5 Quotes For You When You Want To Make A Change

Want to make a change in your life but stepping back because you don't have enough courage? I hope my following quotes will help you and give you strength:)

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1. "Making A Change Is Not Scary, But Not Being Happy Is"

When you think that making a change is scary, it is because you don't know what comes next. However, this is the part where exciting things will happen. No matter what, being happy at last is the most important.

2. "Saying I cannot is just an excuse for not trying."

Simply thinking "I cannot do it" is the biggest obstacle in making a change. Try first, regret later. Or maybe you will regret for not trying.

3. "Not Doing And Not Being Able To Do Are Completely Two Different Things."

So, you are stepping back because you have not even given a try? You know the difference between not doing and not being able to do something. Are you able to do then?

4. "Everything is just excuses if you are only thinking."

It is great that you think of an impressive change, but starting it out is even greater. If you only think about it without taking any actions, all the things you said are just excuses that keep you from accomplishing.

5. "Making A Change Is Not About Timing."

It never too early or too late to make a change that you want. If you want to do it at that moment, do it:)

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