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    10 DIY Ways To Throw The Best Birthday Party Ever

    August is the best (summer!) and worst (back to school!) month to have your birthday, so you may as well DIY it right!

    1. Invite your friends.

    Sewbon / Via

    Print 'em out, or write 'em out, and stitch 'em to some pretty fabric!

    2. Decorate your space.

    Studio DIY / Via

    Did someone say doughnut...balloons?!

    3. Set the table.

    The Party Dress / Via

    So you don't have a big backyard to throw your birthday party in, nbd. Bring the backyard to your table instead!

    4. Hang some garlands.

    Izzy / Via

    Pretty paper cutouts can double as decor even after the par-tay is over.

    5. Make a photobooth space.

    Lovely Indeed / Via

    Giant paper flowers are the perfect backdrop to make major iPhone photo memories with your nearest and dearest.

    6. Assign seating.

    Jen Carreiro / Via

    Because not all of your friends are besties...

    7. Add the swag bags.

    See Kate Sew / Via

    They may really truly love you, but everyone comes to a party hoping to get some free stuff.

    8. Top the cake.

    Shoes Off Please / Via

    It's your party and you'll make a big, glittery birthday cake topper if you want to!

    9. Print out some party favors.

    Design Sponge / Via

    Turn those floral backdrop iPhone photos into lasting (useful) memories by printing them out and turning them into magnets!

    10. Make yourself queen for a day.

    Design Love Fest / Via

    You deserve it, birthday girl!

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