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    10 Simple DIY Ways To Get Organized In 2014

    It's a new year, time to get your life together.

    1. Get your clothes off the floor.

    Lola del Rey/Kollabora / Via

    There are only so many more years you can get away with picking a tee shirt up off the floor and doing the sniff test to make sure it's suitable to wear (again). A few supplies from your local Home Depot and you can at least get one aspect of your life pulled together quickly (pro tip: you'll need to buy some hangers too).

    2. Keep necessities within arm's reach.

    Liz Marie Blog / Via

    Stop hoarding all of those mason jars under the false pretense that you're going to "make candles" with them. Instead, put them to actual use by making a hanging storage shelf for your bathroom and give all of that miscellaneous crap under the sink a place to live.

    3. Display (and stash) your reading material.

    A Beautiful Mess / Via

    Of course that Elle from 7 years ago with Kate Hudson on the cover is still relevant! And definitely in need of a proper display vessel.

    4. Don't spread germs.

    Ama Ryllis/Kollabora / Via

    No one, and I mean NO ONE, really knows exactly how much toothpaste, face wash, hand soap, et al has accumulated around your sink since the last time you cleaned the bathroom (um, when was that anyway?) Think of these plastic bottle caps turned DIY toothbrush holders as an investment in your future health.

    5. Untangle your jewelry.

    The 36th Avenue / Via

    If you spend more time trying to untangle your necklaces in the morning than you do picking out your outfit, it's time to make yourself an all-in-one accessory station and help streamline that morning routine

    6. Hang your accessories.

    Homemade Modern/Kollabora / Via

    Remember that mess of screwdrivers under your sink? Yeah. Remember the last time you used them? Probably not. Give your coats, hats, scarves, ties, etc a real home with a cool, inexpensive DIY option.

    7. Organize all your chargers and cords.

    Our Thrifty Ideas / Via

    Piles of cords, wires, plugs - the tell-tale sign that you can't quite let your collegiate lifestyle go. Assess what you need, and wrap up what you don't with a super easy way to both reuse and organize.

    8. Make your lists and check 'em twice.

    Tan/Kollabora / Via

    Nothing feels better than taking pen to paper and crossing something off of your massive to-do list. Printable day-of-the-week options will help you stay on track and are way cuter than your standard college ruled notebook.

    9. Separate your laundry.

    Ana White / Via

    What's the one piece of advice your hard working mom bestowed on you before she shipped you off on your own? "Don't mix colors with whites when you do laundry!" And between that time and now you've probably still managed to ruin more tees and undies than you care to count. Replace dresser drawers with laundry baskets and create a hyper-organized laundry space that even Martha Stewart would be a little jealous of.

    10. Keep your supplies in sight.

    Leethal / Via

    For the crafters: As the stash grows the eternal question remains - just where is all of this stuff going to go?! Put your pretty yarns (or even fabrics and notions) on display by giving them their own upcycled coffee can cubby.

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