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    10 Easy DIY Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

    It's summer, so why are you still hanging out inside?!

    1. Give your plants a new home.

    Home Stores A to Z / Via

    Freshen up that fence space with some fun hanging planters.

    2. Revive that rug.

    Design Improvised / Via

    Turn a plain outdoor mat into a colorful deck addition with some masking tape and spray paint!

    3. Deck out your deck chairs.

    Carly Cais / Via

    Who says decorative pillows are only for your living room?

    4. (Did someone say neon?)

    DIY Network / Via

    Rusty old chairs are way better when given a coat or two (or three) of bright paint.

    5. Hang dry.

    House That Lars Built / Via

    You can fake it with a dryer sheet, or you can get that real outdoor scent by line drying your clothes on a custom rack hanger. However this only works if you live in a place that, you know, smells nice.

    6. Wipe your feet!

    Shelterness / Via

    Smooth stones make a cool nature-inspired mosaic doormat!

    7. Paper plate-chic.

    Tan//Squirrelly Minds / Via

    Backyard BBQs take on a whole new spin when you elevate those basic paper plates with a few swipes of food coloring and your artistic skills!

    8. Hanging on.

    I Love Green Grass / Via

    Use jars and twine to create cute little hanging vases that you can use to liven up bare tree branches or in place of hanging planters.

    9. Light it up.

    Pocketful of Dreams / Via

    Just say no to boring leftover Christmas lights. It's so easy to make these twine balls that you'll want to deck out all of your light strings with them!

    10. Clean up nice.

    See Kate Sew / Via

    Outdoor hangouts can get messy which is why easy to clean oilcloth placemats are a must for your backyard table decor.

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