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    10 DIY Ways To Make A Serious Jewelry Statement

    Dive into summer with these amazingly easy jewelry projects that will have everyone asking, "Where did you get that?!"

    1. The bling ring

    Francesca Stone / Via

    No agate, no problem! Learn how to make your own faux version and create these stunning rings with Francesca from Fall for DIY!

    2. Diamond heist

    Kelley from Casa Crafty / Via

    Our worlds have been rocked now that we know printable Shrinky Dink paper exists! And thanks to Kelley from Casa Crafty we can now print up and carve out all of our favorite jewels!

    3. Cut up

    idplusDIY / Via

    Trace and cut just about any design on scraps of leather to create cool statement cuffs!

    4. Two of tones

    Caroline / Via

    We're not going to spoil the surprise by telling you just how simple the materials for these painted chevron earrings are, but we're sure you're going to be making loads of them once you find out!

    5. Upcycling made chic

    Jessica Gerblick Abbott / Via

    Give a basic necklace a fun upgrade by adding some fringed leather!

    6. The 80s called...

    Carly Cais / Via

    These, like, totally rad earrings are so totally easy to, like, make!

    7. Raiding the toolbox

    Laneél / Via

    Eh, you didn't really need all those leftover brass nuts anyway!

    8. The chain gang

    Mckenzie / Via

    Adding colorful ribbon to oversized chain immediately gives it a fun, preppy vibe.

    9. Statement mashup

    Jen Carreiro / Via

    Strands of beads turned into a twisted up statement necklace that's way easier to whip up than you think!

    10. Sequence of sequins

    Marigold Haske / Via

    Use large plastic sequins to create fun colorblocked (and stackable!) bracelets.

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