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    10 Ways To Craft Like A Kid Again

    Just because you grew up doesn't mean you have to put away your toys.

    1. Dollhouse Ring


    Dollhouse toys + ring bases = awesome new knuckle accessory!

    2. Old toy necklace


    Go for the gold with a rawr-worthy necklace.

    3. Clearly Killer Octopus Necklace


    The Shrinky Dink possibilities are seriously endless...

    4. Jenga jewelry holder


    Take out your revenge on those Jenga pieces by making them into a cool DIY jewelry hanger.

    5. Watercolor Bubble Art


    A beautiful way to creat art with watercolor

    6. Japanese Flying Carp


    Flown high above homes in Japan to celebrate childrens day, these flying carp are a beautiful craft for kids to have fun running around with.

    7. Candy Wrap Pencil Case

    A great way to upcycle candy wrap paper

    8. Lego Cufflinks


    Add some legos to that Suit & Tie.

    9. Crayon Art


    Grab your trusty box of 64 and create an art piece with old crayons.

    10. Gameboy Handbag


    It used to keep you occupied on long car drives, not it holds your lipstick. Now that's our kind of technology evolution.