10 Ways To Get Decorative With Washi Tape

Who knew you make such rad stuff with little strips of tape?

1. Striped Phone Case DIY

Add some flair to your phone with this colorful striped case you can make yourself!

2. Washi Tape Mini Album

If high-tech isn’t your style, go old school with a washi-tape decorated photo album.

3. Washi Tape Monograms

These framed monograms will add a personal touch to any room – they also make great gifts!

4. Washi Tape Car Track

If you have kids, this DIY racecar track won’t break the bank or ruin your floor.

5. Tape Picture Frames

Washi tape can add a punch of color to your inspiration wall or photo board…

6. DIY Pirate Ship

…but your decorations are only limited by your imagination. Try this pirate ship on for size.

7. Simple Gift Bags

Add tape to envelopes to make these adorable party favors.


Never lose your chargers again: with a personalized design, no one will ever mistake that patterned wire for their own boring white one.

9. DIY Stripe Doorway

This striped pattern adds some fun to an otherwise plain hallway – no paint required.

10. Washi Tape Pegs

Before long you’ll be taping up any flat surface you find.

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