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23 Easy DIY Ways To Make Traveling So Much Better

Before you hit the road, hit the glue gun.

1. Bad Hair Day Headband

Curly Made / Via

Between taxis, trains, and planes, who has time to worry about their hair? A cute, colorful headband helps you tame even the most travel-beaten hair in style.

2. Flat Iron Cover

Creative Juices / Via

Never leave a hair out of place, and don't catch anything on fire, with an easy potholder to flat iron cover project.

3. Comfy Tee

Ama Ryllis / Via

Leave the complicated outfits in the suitcase — all you need for your travel look is an easy, comfy tee.

4. Laptop/iPad Bag

Giddy / Via

A dedicated carry-all for your laptop or iPad is a must for long flights.

5. Pillow Case Garment Bags

Better Homes & Gardens / Via

If you're headed on for a fancy event (summer weddings, anyone?) keep your dress up gear clean with a quick pillow case garment bag.

6. Lightweight Kimono Jacket

Annie / Via

Planes have notoriously unstable temperatures so a lightweight kimono jacket is the perfect way to avoid being too hot or too cold.

7. Leather Sunglass Case

Ama Ryllis / Via

Keep ahold of your favorite shades with an easy no-sew leather case.

8. Neck Pillow

Handmade Charlotte / Via

Don't be that person falling asleep on the poor passenger sitting next to you.

9. Earbud Case

Instructables / Via

Canceling out all the noise around you is essential for staying sane on long trips. So it keeping your earbuds from getting tangled up.

10. Quick & Cozy Quilt

See Kate Sew / Via

Make a quick 1-hour quilt to stash in your bag for long road trips and cold transport.

11. Weekender Bag

Trish Stitched / Via

Don't check you luggage: stash your essentials in a sleek weekender and skip the baggage claim hassle.

12. Makeup Brush Organizer

Sewbon / Via

Keep all of your makeup brushes organized and clean with an easy roll up case.

13. Craft Travel Kit

Sew4Home / Via

The crafting never stops, even on vacation. Just make sure to know what you can carry on and what you should pack to make it through the security line in one piece.

14. Passport Wallet

Poppytalk / Via

Passport? Check. Credit cards? Check. Cash? Check. Place to organize it all? Double check!

15. Shoe Stash Bag

Polkadot Chair / Via

Keep your shoes from getting smashed, and keep the rest of your packing clean, by stashing them in a zip top travel bag.

16. Leather Luggage Tag

Almost Makes Perfect / Via

If you do decide to check that luggage, make sure you've got a recognizable tag to help you find it!

17. Travel Journals

Willow Day / Via

Great to help keep the kids occupied and also to jot down travel notes on the go.

18. Project Carry-All

Clara Falk / Via

Keep on makin' even when you're not at home, just make sure you've got the perfect bag to carry your project along.

19. Essentials Drawstring Bag

Sew DIY / Via

Easy drawstring bags are great for organizing toiletries or stashing undies and swimsuits.

20. Perfect Stash Everything Tote

Radiant Home / Via

Step up your vacation bag game with a fun, and functional, fold over tote.

21. Cute Change Purse

Purl Bee / Via

An inevitable by product of a vacation is either needing change or having too much change, and a cute little coin purse helps in both instances.

22. Simple Travel Slippers

All Day Chic / Via

Sleek, simple slip-ons make the sometimes uncomfortable nature of traveling a little less complicated.

23. Sleep Mask

Momtastic / Via

For when you need to get a few more zzzzzzz's while in transit.