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    21 Last-Minute Halloween Decorations You Can Make Yourself

    Let's get SPOOKY.

    Amy Sefton for Buzzfeed

    1. Pumpkin Bats

    Lia Griffith / Via

    No need to have top-notch pumpkin carving skills for these guys!

    2. Spider Cupcake Toppers

    Lia Griffith / Via

    A great way to add a little spook to your sweets. Unless you're afraid of spiders...

    3. Spooky Boo Garland

    Sarah / Via

    Recycle those Christmas lights into cute little ghost garland.

    4. Printable Beverage Labels

    Paper Crave / Via

    Perfect for adult and kid beverages alike.

    5. Mini Mr. Bones

    Lia Griffith / Via

    A mini scare goes a long way.

    6. Eyeball Pom

    Threadbare Stitches / Via

    Keep your 'eye' on the prize this Halloween.

    7. Treat Coffins

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Bring your treats back from the dead....

    8. Printable Treat Bags

    Paper Crave / Via

    Easy printable labels help you keep track of your treats.

    9. Skele-tee

    Mark Montano / Via

    No costume? No problem! Mark Montano's easy skeleton tee tutorial has you covered.

    10. Paper Mache Candy Bowls

    Kollabora / Via

    Hand out candy is the coolest way possible. In glitter bowls!

    11. Black Rose Bouquet

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Halloween is prime time to get a little gothic with your florals.

    12. Halloween Mask Favors

    Vicki Smith Art / Via

    A quick print out mask makes for an adorable costume in a pinch.

    13. Race Car Dog Costume

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Your pup deserves to have a little fun on Halloween, too!

    14. Felt Pumpkin Bucket

    Stitches & Crafts / Via

    When a paper treat back just won't do, sew up a sturdy pumpkin tote.

    15. Halloween Garland

    Lia Griffith / Via

    We wish we could keep these on our walls all year long...

    16. Tiny Treat Bags

    BeColorAnd / Via

    Make cute little treat packs for your favorite Halloween guests.

    17. Scary Faces

    BeColorAnd / Via

    Great cake or treat toppers you can make in a snap.

    18. Spooky Marbled Decor

    Mark Montano / Via

    Chic up your Halloween decor this year with a little marble madness.

    19. Glow in the Dark Treat Bags

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Keep your treats in sight any time of day.

    20. Vinyl Letter Pumpkins

    Lia Griffith / Via

    A sleek way to showcase your best pumpkin haul.

    21. Easy Paper Masks

    Kollabora / Via

    Pull your own Bruce Wayne/Batman switcheroo.

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