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The Perfect Friendsgiving DIY Table Decor

Hosting turkey day dinner at your place this year? Impress your guests (and keep your sanity) with a beautiful, disaster-proof DIY table set up.

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1. Pinwheel Table Runner

Green Wedding Shoes / Via

You could spend your time embroidering a beautiful one inspired by the stars, but your friends are gross and dirty and they're just going to ruin it anyway — so stick with this cool paper version that you can make and toss after someone inevitably drops a giant blob of cranberry sauce on it.

3. Milk Carton Vases

Kollabora / Via

Your friends definitely don't need to be manhandling grandma's antique glass vases. Take an exacto knife and some paint to an empty milk carton and pile in the blooms for instant idiot-proof prettiness.


5. Animal Place Card Holders

Kollabora / Via

Sarah hates Beth because she used to date Shane and Kara can't be near Jeff after he insulted her dog at Jason's 4th of July party last year. Yeah, seating arrangements are freaking complicated, but at least everyone will have something shiny to stare at while they're mulling over their hatred.