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    10 DIY Ways To Take Your Halloween Decor To The Next Level

    Pumpkins and candy corn and eyeballs...OH MY!

    1. Gilded Pumpkins

    Everything + Soap Blog / Via

    Gourds make great decor all autumn, and a dose of metallic paint makes them less haunted house and more modern home.

    2. Plushie Eyeballs

    mucho xoxo / Via

    Easily make some fun throw pillows with a few felt scraps and hand stitches.

    3. Spooky Hoop Art

    The Graphics Fairy / Via

    A quick, simple way to whip up some rad wall hangings: fabric and embroidery hoops!

    4. Treat Bags

    Stitches & Crafts / Via

    Stash candy, remotes, knick-knacks and more in adorable felt treat bags.

    5. Candy Corns

    Mooney=mc2 / Via

    Use up some scrap yarn by making a set of wrapped candy corn cones.

    6. Webbed Welcomes

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Invite your guests in (or keep them out...) with a spider web doormat.

    7. Haunted Tablewares

    Mark Montano / Via

    Set up a spooky tablescape with Beetlejuice inspired dishware.

    8. Little Punks

    LT Blogged / Via

    Tiny little crochet pumpkins will fit in just about any decor space you have! Pro tip: the more the merrier.

    9. Calaveras Candles

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    Wrap up basic candles with detailed calaveras covers.

    10. Raven Wreath

    Katydid and Kid / Via

    Tap into your inner Edgar Allen Poe with a black raven door wreath.

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